Sara Ponds

On May 27th and 28th, Sara Ponds, a dancer and choreographer from Barcelona, ​​gave a free workshop, which will took place between 10h-13h and 15h-18h in the Casa da Alta Vila, with a limited number of registrations of 10 people.

Space-time-BODY AND GAME, was be a an investigation on time, based on the body-weather method (body-time).

At 10:00 PM, artist Sara Ponds presented her recent work, Kokon, a solo dance-theater performance with a major influence on the Butoh dance. It was a journey to the memory of the body, to resonate with the tangible and intangible, with great doses of imagination, where from a pot of experience and variety of conditions, blindly dives into the transformation.

Graduated in ballet and contemporary dance, she decides to break with the technique and investigate other possibilities of movement. Her research takes him to Cuba, Brazil, Mexico and India. In 2005, he met butoh through Ricardo Morera, since then plunged into the emptiness of the body.

Sara returned later in the year for a 10 days residence in the frame of Alma Negra Butoh Festival.

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