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Situated in the center of Águeda, Parque Alta Vila is the largest green area of ​​the city. This space is a leisure structure of English influence, in a typology that became very common in 19th century European urbanism.
Consisting of an area of ​​more than 30,000 square meters, the park develops in an irregular shape, with winding paths and false ruins. In the center of the garden is the main house, a chalet in stone and wood apparatus where the original owners of the Park lived, to which the hunting lodge is attached.

In the space you can also find a lake, crossed by two bridges, an iron gazebo, a tennis court, a chapel, the guardhouse, fake caves and ruins created to confer scenographic impact.


The Alta Vila Park was built between 1848 and 1902, when its owner, Dr. Eduardo Caldeira, son of Visconde da Borralha, chose to transform the property he owned in the center of Águeda in an extensive garden, abundant with exotic trees and other vegetation. The structure is inscribed in the nineteenth-century romantic taste, which privileged living in the midst of nature without dispensing with the luxuries and pleasures that only city society could offer.

In 1910 the park changed owners, who made some changes in the living spaces. A few decades later, a fraction of the space was donated in testament to the Municipality of Águeda, which acquired the remaining part in 1985. After that date, the municipality reclassified the Park, making it the city’s public space of excellence.

The set was classified as of municipal interest in 1996. Catarina Oliveira
DGPC, 2017

Cited from page of direção geral do património cultural




Casa Alta Vila


Casa Alta vila is a historical house inside the Parque Alta Vila and will function as the site of the artist in residency program. It has two floor with entrance hall, two big room and two small rooms 3 bathroom (2 of them with shower), one kitchen, and spacious attic.

Salão de chá


Tea Room

Salão de chá (Tea Room) is a house built next to Casa Alta Vila. The space is available for workshops and other use through reservation through Câmara municipal de Águeda.



IVV (Instituto de vinho e vinha) is old building of wine cooperative of the region. It was in its function until 70s. Nowadays the space function as multi use space for cultural and social events of the city. The space is divided into three section and each of them are available for final presentation or other related event through reservation.




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