La Fumisterie

In April the company La Fumisterie contacted AGITlab to propose a residence. This cooperation lasted 3 and a half months and developed in 4 major collaborations with the association Improvise and Organize. Remember me at Ponte da Misarela, and Mura  at Canais Festival in Aveiro, July. Fogo Líquido at Castelo de Vide in August and Sexta 13 The Return in Montalegre, in October.

The first public presentation of the creative process from La Fumisterie took place on the 28th May at 9:30 p.m., curated by Paulina Almeida, at the Institute of Vine and Wine (IVV), integrated in the AGITlab artistic residency program.

It was the beginning of a cycle of 3 presentations of the work in progress, from the construction of large scale objects to the street, from the recovery of waste and that culminate in a final presentation on July 8 and 9, in the middle of AgitÁgueda festival.

The company also collaborated with Agueda artists, through the meeting with local inventor Bitocas. This return in a workshop and sinal presentation.

La fumisterie is a collective of three artists from Portugal, France and Belgium, which presents performances around the fire element.

La fumisterie

La Fumisterie video




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