TEATRO KORAZON was created in 2015 by Christopher Fülling in Los Angeles, USA, to discuss and evolve forms of relationship and trends in sexuality and gender, human evolution, sexuality, evolutionary psychology, paleoanthropology and feminist archeology, love and sex in performance, sexuality and spirituality.

It is a non-profit organization founded to ask whether today’s shamans (visionaries, scientists, storytellers) would gather at this crucial time for the survival of our species to intentionally create New Culture, specifically a “Love Theater “which would inspire us to live together more harmoniously. In order to do this, they would create an “autonomous temporary zone” through shared research and training, in which they could bring together (“Intersubjectivity” …)

ALL the constructions of gender, sex and invented relationships in the last millennia ) as something that “happened to” (and shaped and marked) to each and every one of us. But by not identifying with any of these perceived “realities,” they can begin to heal, question, and transcend those forms and imagine new ways of defining and relating to others.

To fulfill this shamanic function of evolution, they invent such a convincing narrative that not only makes these new ways possible in people’s imaginations, but also initiates social change itself.

In Águeda the group meet with other resident artists to create a performance based on William Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream”, adapted to the gardens of Alta Vila, which ended at a banquet, before the concerts of the festival Agitágueda.
The intense residence was hold between June 25 and July 5th. the public presentations happened on 1 and 2 July at Alta Vila Gardens.

Commissioned by the charming Portuguese city of Águeda for their reopening of a centuries old walled pleasure garden, Mistérios Antigos took the audience upon a journey into our ancient past. Through Medieval pilgrim’s songs from the Caminho de Santiago (that wends through Águeda), to the Iberian versions our shared Eurasion agrarian, pastoral, and shamanic heritage, until we descend into the shrouded mists of an Avalon-like island of women, we discovered our common mythic origins.

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