The cultural sector of the city of Águeda continues to grow in recent years thanks to the cultural institution and the events organized in the city and in the parishes like Agitágueda, D’Orfeu and the recently inaugurated CAA Agueda Art Center.

The AGITlab Residency program would like to add a dimension of “city as a creative production site” and this genealogy aims at the mutual growth of artists, the city’s cultural industry and also the local populational opportunity to interact with creative production during the process.

The program offers emerging artists and art students space and time for the creation and opportunity to present their work to the public, which is often difficult to find at the beginning of their career. With the support of the association Improvise and Organize, the program allows artists to experiment and deepen freely their practices and research that can be more dynamic, for the artistic scene of the city.

Although the theme of each residence can be defined at each term of the residence, the residence project will maintain the participation of the participating artists in the function of cultural agent in contemporary society and in daily life, both for the active and non active population in the activity cultural.

What do their presence and practice mean to local citizens? In exchange for the condition for their practice, artists will be invited to attend events involving local residents organized by the association. These events can take the form of workshops, open studio, collaboration with the local population, conferences, etc.

The residency program, by focusing on the creation process, in addition to leaving, will further explore the role of thought and creative activity in contemporary life that may benefit, community development in the future.