APNEIA by Calvino and Joana Couto

JANUARY 16-30 APNEIA residence of Leonardo Calvino and Joana Couto L e n a r d o C a l v i no bring to performative language your questions about the nature of the dream world. As a storyteller, he takes advantage of contemporary dance and illusionism (magie nouvelle) as tools to narrate a subconscious […]

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CERN by Wura

CERN By Wura Moraes Cernunnos was the first and most ancient Celtic God. He was there from the very beginning. The beginning of Time. The honored horned God is deeply connected to nature, to forest animals, with the deer and the serpent as his symbols. Cerne in portuguese means “The Core”. The starting point of […]

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CIRCOagitado is Tired Out

Viola Bruni (IT) and Darya Efrat (IL) were in residence in November for a lift off of Darya last creation Tired Out. TIRED OUT is a cross-disciplinary, visual, and physical participatory act. It is a spontaneous moment of interaction, construction, and deconstruction; a visual landscape and point of reflection on the notions of connectivity and […]

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CIRCOagitado com Mira and Esmeralda

Mira Leonard e a Esmeralda Nikolajeff, um duo de trapézio que escapou do norte sueco para vir a Águeda.Apresentam-se juntas desde a infância e agora desejam voltar no tempo e mergulhar na sua longa história de parceria, para desenterrar material e obter inspiração para a sua criação.Durante o seu tempo no AgitLAB, exploraram a noção de relacionamento […]

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Ariane Côté dreamscapes

The artist returns to Águeda after one year to present us one more piece, this time in a collaboration with other 3 artists. Her work is delicate blur shapes that immerse us in dreams. She was invited to complete the wall at Alta villa municipality park in a way that invite us to reflect on […]

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ALICJA BIALA returns to Águeda

The claimed artist that started her mural career in Águeda (2016) returns to the city to accomplish an art piece long time envisioned by the AGITlab residences and Agueda Municipality. Former IVV cooperative for  wine making hangar walls, have now a beautiful visual strong piece, from the artist on its walls. Two women drinking wine […]

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