Ariane Côté dreamscapes

The artist returns to Águeda after one year to present us one more piece, this time in a collaboration with other 3 artists. Her work is delicate blur shapes that immerse us in dreams. She was invited to complete the wall at Alta villa municipality park in a way that invite us to reflect on […]

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ALICJA BIALA returns to Águeda

The claimed artist that started her mural career in Águeda (2016) returns to the city to accomplish an art piece long time envisioned by the AGITlab residences and Agueda Municipality. Former IVV cooperative for  wine making hangar walls, have now a beautiful visual strong piece, from the artist on its walls. Two women drinking wine […]

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Architect Iwo Borkowicz

Architect Iwo Borkowicz is in residence and was the first foreigner we receive after the lock downs 2020. He came from Poland and will stay till July. His project was a request from the town hall vice-president Edson Santos to intervene on 2 dead palm trees, that are standing near the river of Agueda.

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# stay in residence.

As people around the world are adapting to life’s new reality, artists are reinventing ways to recreate the joy experienced in immersive shows despite the state of quarantine. Some artists use live streaming from home to stay connected. This may be sufficient for some, but for others, this type of audiovisual experience is often unsatisfactory. […]

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Taking time for containment

As part of the containment phase, the city of Águeda delayed events regarding the flux and concentration of people to avoid spreading COVID-19. As part of the the city organisms we join that mesures by suspending our residence program and events until 30 April 2020. Is time to take care of yourself and others. See […]

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“Gabriela Tudor” Residency Programme 2020 | Agueda & Bucharest

Gabriela Tudor Foundation in Bucharest in partnership with the residency centre AGITLab in Agueda and the City of Agueda is launching the “Gabriela Tudor” 2020 residency programme, aiming to support mobility and artistic creation in the field of dance and contemporary art. The residency programme was launched in 2019 by Cosmin Manolescu and is dedicated […]

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CIRCOagitado OPEN call

CircoAgitado Open Call 2020 CircoAgitado, a new AGITlab initiative, is excited to offer two residencies in the months of August and October, 2020, for circus practitioners to further their research and practice. Each residency will run a minimum of three weeks.  CircoAgitado, is aimed for both experienced and emerging, national and international circus performers-artist-makers currently […]

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Samuel Zealey Sculptor by trade, sculptor by nature, engineer / scientist and focused environmentalist

Samuel Zealey vê o seu trabalho escultórico como parte desse diálogo contínuo e complexo, destacando os desafios enfrentados pelas mudanças climáticas e os problemas morais causados pelos avanços tecnológicos. O seu trabalho escultural combina a alegria da forma com a engenharia precisa e a sensibilidade do material altamente desenvolvida. As obras irradiam uma estética viva, […]

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