Ola Korbańska

Ola Korbańska is in residence at the Agit Lab, from the 2nd to the 22nd of July for the production of a piece, based on the laundresses. As an activity, washing clothes has a heavily feminized past. For time immemorial it was a female profession and in many southern European cities special areas were designated […]

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CIRCOagitado is back in town!

A group of artists are together on a stage as if it were the backstage of a show, or a training space. They are warming up, training, socializing, playing. The atmosphere is light and happy, but we can also feel the dedication and focus of each artist in their art, and the strength of the […]

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Nico Pires and the Diablo Planet

Nico esteve em residência de 19 a 24 de Abril, no Parque Municipal da Alta Vila. Mario Abreu acompanhou o artista e deixa aqui um breve registo. Nico Pires tinha 9 anos quando descobriu o diabolo.Meio francês, meio português, depois de completar seus estudos em Administração e Comunicação na França, decidiu viver da sua paixão. […]

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Euforika circus scenic research

“Euphorika” é um projeto de pesquisa cénica para o circo. O recorte escolhido pelo grupo como foco deste processo é a expressão através do movimento acrobático. A técnica da dança acrobática dará o suporte técnico para a criação dessa linguagem corporal, que visa criar identidade coreográfica, tanto individual quanto coletiva. A técnica dos portes acrobáticos será […]

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Fools Paradise Residence

Concept/creation: Eliza Trefas, Katarzyna Paluch Performers: Eliza Trefas, Katarzyna Paluch Performance final duration: 30 min The 3 artists are in residence from 10 to 28 February on their second and final stage of research, for creating a dance performance. The first stage included a short-period of research and the presentation of a work in progress(study […]

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Gaspar Ribeiro’s identity

The Nha Identidade project was born during the training course of INAC – National Institute of Circus Arts. Since the beginning of the project, there was a clear intention to talk about my roots: Cape Verde, Africa. During the process, however, I was bombarded by news of hate crimes, racism and xenophobia, and I felt […]

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Joana Couto if only this…

If only this was about food is a work of social confession about inherent desires, focusing on its relationship with compulsion. The whole process asserts itself as a spontaneous experience that resembles the very uncontrollable side of desire. Everything is about food, eating, consuming and compromising but also about everything else not mentioned. It seeks […]

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