Final effects

With the artistic proposals developed and presented at AGITlab residence we were able to program a full weekend at AGITAGUEDA festival. The dynamism of the different artistic areas within the themes inherent to the programs developed during the residency, resulted in the methodological improvement of the production and communication of the activities made by the artists.

They  contributed to a broader program within the scope of the festival already quite rooted in the culture of the city. The elaboration of such program contemplated quality proposals, conceptually coherent and compatible with the philosophy of the festival.

In its entirety, intended to transmit to the audience the dynamics lived in AGITlab residence, betting on a contemporaneity that attracted new audiences to Agueda city.

For the residents it was the moment to bring together their experience and join the talents on performances and installations that took over the city for the weekend of 8-9 July 2017. It was a boost to all participants and it remained present forever.

Thus, we conclude that the city could be used as a place of experimentation by a group of artists about their artistic practice, sometimes working collaboratively and sometimes individually.

This artistic practice can include all the processes of research, discussion, experimentation, production of works, presentation and reflection. “Street Arts education should acknowledge life-long learning and encourage future artists to think of themselves as the ‘conscience of societies’, the agents of social change” (Haedicke, 2015, p.17).

The environment of the designated place, which are architecture, social function, people, and economic activity around the place inevitably involve all artistic practices. The street as a learning laboratory also has the potential to dilute distance, thinking of it as flow, between artists and citizens.

What does it mean to have public that art projects running parallel to their lives? The successive projects of the artists, invited to intervene in the city of Águeda, definitely brought a change in the perception of the public and inhabitants around their area of ​​residence.

Finding artists working in a square, in the garden, in the IVV, in Alta Vila daily, for example, provided an alternative view of life for the public.

Presented performances:

Sweet Drama//Dulce Duca

Sweet Drama is a comedy drama. The main character, a young bride is left on the altar by her fiance, at least that is what makes us believe. This drastic situation leads to a state of despair and goes on the streets in search of their happiness and with an extreme obsession to marry at all costs.

Dulce Duca (Portugal, 1984) initiates herself into the world of juggling in a self-taught form, in 2001. In 2006 she undertakes a two-year training in FAAAC (Alternative and Self- management Formation in the Circus Arts), France. In 2007, with four members from her promotion, she founded the Branle-Bas Company, and creates her first show, Many. In 2009, together with FAAAC, she participates in and organizes a project called Work in Progress Arts Meeting – a meeting of seventy artists from all over the world, that took place in Srebrna Gora, Poland. And in 2010, she develops the Oct/Nov 2010 project, an artistic invasion of Portuguese territory.

 Remember me//Paulina Almeida 

The installation / performance “REMEMBER ME” is an exploration of the current theme of the transformation of historical centers, linked to the artist’s personal life. The memories of childhood, of clothes drying, hung in the streets, romanticized of the day – The installation consists of a number of sticks erected and interconnected by ropes, in each rope are hung shirts, a total of 150. The image of the clothes to dry, center alive in the memory, invites the public to a space, almost metaphysical, immersible, and reflective, of unconscious areas of society. The installation is inspired by the day to day life of the city and by the people make its history.

Playground//Bruna Martins

We are players. Just kidding.
And then there is natural selection.
We got to go where the last man left to play.
We are in the world of making our own game.
We are receptive. PLAYGROUND

Water Dance Fusion Show//International

Integrated in the contemporary dance and music experimentation cycle it was a collaboration between Águeda’s dance and folk music groups and the Warsaw dance department, the Vilija Vitkute ​​Body Painting Collective of Sweden. The intervening groups will merge in an experimentation danced by the river.

Warsaw Dance Department (WDD) is an innovative professional dance school in Poland. Its aim is to give aspiring dancers and performers the tools and training to fulfill their dreams of becoming professional and challenging in the most professional environment of contemporary dance education in Poland.

Vilija art is a collective of plastic artists who paint on bodies. This was be the first international meeting in Águeda, that gathered some names of the new trends in the world of body painting. The group painted the dancers of Warsaw those danced with 2 folk groups from Agueda.


The birds are picking flour// Sabeth Dannenberg

Physical theater solo on Chinese flagpole. It’s a great day for Dona Augusta. Sugar, flour, 5 eggs. You’re all invited. But calm, maybe the birds are coming too. Rising, falling, wrinkling, trembling, waving. Smoking hastily. Inspired by the novel by Valter Hugo Mãe “The machine to make Spaniards” and the legend of caladinhos invented by a Portuguese baker in opposition to the dictatorship of Salazar, Sabeth Dannenberg created an absurd history. Transforming your body and Chinese mast, melting stunts and stories. Combining physical theater and new circus creating his own language of theater.
Scenography: Joao Pinto- Proketo EZ
Sound Department: Gregor Keienburg

Black Umbrella//Malgosia Sus and Colectivo BROTE

In this choreographic installation, it keeps black rains and a human figure continually in transformation, though sometimes almost imperceptible, as long as they have a wide range from one to the other.

Agitlab Program video


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