The Funky beach

Funky Beach presented itself as a relaxed, tropical space where natural cocktails and fruit juices combine with the sounds of Dub, World and Funk.

Among plenty of sand, sun loungers, umbrellas and good mood we can watch, from 16 to 22pm, was played an eclectic and relaxed musical program with a touch of sun and salt.

Funky beach sunset, was on Friday, July 21, marked the closure of the AGITlab art residences and the AGITgarden project, which made up the passing of more than a hundred fifty artists through the Alta Vila’s artistic residence.

Scheduled for the newly created beach at Parque do Lago, DJs Clash and Fulano 47 were playing a set that stir up the tranquility of the paradisiacal garden. To conclude this session, they  present the videos memories of unforgettable moments of a process that began in May. On the closing weekend of another one AGITAGUEDA Festival, which presented us with unforgettable musical moments for 23 days.

The project was based on the creation of an elegant and jovial FUNKY Beach in the Alta Vila Garden , highlighting the natural environment of the space. The stone areas were covered with sand and wooden and cloth loungers, puffs and straw umbrellas were installed. the Pirates Bar made of natural materials, where snacks, cocktails and natural juices were served.

The concept was made by Paulina Almeida

The Music program by Hugo Branco

The bar was created by Beto Mota Daniel Méndez-Benegassi Cruz and Diogo Lucas.

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