Ola Korbańska

Ola Korbańska is in residence at the Agit Lab, from the 2nd to the 22nd of July for the production of a piece, based on the laundresses.

As an activity, washing clothes has a heavily feminized past. For time immemorial it was a female profession and in many southern European cities special areas were designated for this, constituting socially important spaces for women's communities. In many languages, the word laundress exists only in female form, lacking a male counterpart.

According to the European Institute for Gender Equality, women do at least twice as much unpaid housework as men.

Drying outside, clothes are transferred from the private sphere of the interior to the public sphere of the streets. Due to this brief but cyclical intrusion into the outside world, drying clothes could be seen as a synecdoche, a manifesto of incessant and invisible work carried out by women, becoming, at the same time, a mark of female visibility left in the public space.

Ola Korbańska is a visual artist and interdisciplinary designer, graduated from the Design Academy Eindhoven. Using various media, such as installation, design or written text, it investigates the nature of objects in the context of temporality and social perception. Everything is conceptual, a little with a Duchampian spirit. His works were exhibited throughout Europe and his texts published in various magazines and books.

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