LAMB | Land Art Moving Biennial

LAMB | Land Art Moving Biennial takes place during the last weekends of august 2021 embraced by the Alta Villa Municipal Park, in Agueda.

This Biennial dedicated to video-dance is promoted by AgitLAB, thanks to the support of Águeda’s City Council and got, as its first input, the promotion of Águeda and the surrounding region, emphasis given to river parks, whose preservation has become an increasing priority for Agueda’s Municipality.

Each night presents a series of selected videos to be screened on-site at the Alta Villa Municipal Park, having, right before, a live performance (dance/music) in resonance with the surrounding landscape. In parallel, the same curated selection of videos is to be streamed online for a wider audience.

The program consists of works created in the context of artistic residencies within the AgitLAB project over the last 5 years of existence in dialogue with the production of partner independent artists and collectives: the collective L’Idylle – Arts Vivants (Canada), the RollOut Dance Film Festival (Macau) and JAB – Jelsa Art Biennial (Croatia).

Being a first edition, and having as its central theme the relationship between body, movement and landscape, highlighting the richness of the natural landscape of Águeda’s region and its river parks, intertwined with other geographies around the world, LAMB has as an aim to be moving to enhance and seed a platform to nourish new connections and bridges across the globe.

Detailed program and an introduction on artists and works can be found at the following link:

LAMB | Land Art Moving Biennial 

Câmara Municipal de Águeda
D’Orfeu Associação

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