Fools Paradise Residence

Concept/creation: Eliza Trefas, Katarzyna Paluch

Performers: Eliza Trefas, Katarzyna Paluch

Performance final duration: 30 min

The 3 artists are in residence from 10 to 28 February on their second and final stage of research, for creating a dance performance. The first stage included a short-period of research and the presentation of a work in progress(study on fool’s paradise).
As we initially started our research in March, some aspects in our behaviour and physicality were implicitly related to the worldwide state of crisis.

We’ve started to work on structured improvisation methods, bringing the topic of value and importance.

Our questions in the process were:

  1. How fast can we gain value/importance towards the relation/object/situation?
  2. How fast can we lose value/importance towards the relation/object/situation ?
  3. How does action and behavior occur?

Through this questions and practical study we found specific scores, around ideas of: ·constant and quick shifts of attention;

·gain and loss of meaning or importance; ·games around instability and fragility.

All of these under an agreement that one stays open and perceptive to what the other manifests, or is about to.
We found a common language and common interests in the ground of actions, reactions and movement patterns. Absurdity got set at the base of our physical behaviour and our decision making.In the next process we are going to work with another layers of performance. We are questioning the limits of normality in behaviour and in the body reactions for simple situations, between us/objects/places. We are wondering what can be acceptable by society, and what can
be considered as abnormality. Controversial situations though are not in our focus. We are interested in research of the simple situations and different, alternative reactions to them.We want to open our research for the public in the performance form. For us as performers, it is important to share our work, where people can find identification and reflection in reference to their own life perspectives.
In that case we would like to work under the advice of a dramaturg as well, who can help us create the dramaturgical line of the piece and work on an authentic form of communication both between the two of us in duet and between spectators and us.

2. Goals of the residency.

  1. Better defining, narrowing down the movement language and qualities of performers;
  2. Narrowing down the focus of the research/piece to 1 or 2 ideas mentioned above. Reduceand simplify to 1-2 essential questions of behaviour;
  3. Include dramaturgical work; develop dramaturgy of characters and their actions (with aprofessional dramaturg);
  4. Create and present final form of the performance;
  5. Eventually we would like to create a method as well, using these absurd physicalities and
  6. behaviours. We noticed both causes and effects of our practice of absurdity, and found that it could become a tool for releasing and overcoming emotional exhaust.
Performers:Katarzyna Paluch (1993) Performer, dancer, creator, dietitian. In 2020 graduated two-years performance and contemporary dance program – Performact in Portugal. She is constantly training under the guidance of recognized teachers in the field of dance theater, physical dance
theater, performance and contemporary dance, i.a.: Ricardo Ambrózio, Iñaki Azpillaga, Rakesh Sukesh, Chloe Beillevaire, Rob Hayden. Performer in mentioned above choreographers performances. Creator of the group dance theater performance ‘Vanishing’, premiere: 14/02/2019 (Torres Vedras, Portugal). Initiator and leader of contact improvisation research project (Torres Vedras, Portugal). Co-creator of the ‘weight of lightness’ contemporary dance duet presented at the ‘Warsaw Dance Days’ International Contemporary Dance Festival; (15/10/2017). Winner of the jury award for the contemporary dance duet ‘The Other Side’ at the
International choreographic competition SENSE OF MOVE, Poland, (18/10/2015). Associated
with the Theater in 2013-2019, she took part as a dancer in spectacles:’Oedipus’, ‘Okamgnienie’, ‘Łagodna’, ‘Żmirłacz’, ‘Gardens of pleasure’ and ‘Soma’. In 2015- 2016 she was
choreographer and teacher at the Actor’s Academy ‘Artist’. Certified pilates instructor andpersonal trainer. She was working in Yvonne’s Pilates Studio in Torres Vedras, Portugal (2018- 2020) and in Małgorzata Dykman Medical Fitness&Pilates Studio in Rzeszów, Poland (2016- 2019).
Eliza Trefas is a performer and choreographer, working in the fields of contemporary dance
and visual arts. She is currently doing her own research and projects in collaboration, feeding and keeping her interest for bridging visible and invisible forms of life through the body. As a performer she worked with artists like Florin Flueras, Valentina de Piante, Thomas Steyaert, Inger-Reidun Olsen. She started to present her work in contexts such as eXplore Festival Bucharest, Bang Torres Vedras, and Multiplicidades Festival Santa Cruz. Dramaturg:In his recent works Unexperiences, Unimages, Unvisitors, Unhere, Unexist Florin Flueras is affecting the artworks – visitors codes and relations. They are performed from the posture of visitors, and activated in their bodies. In some venues they can appear uninvited – Unofficial
Unworks. Artwork is a way to recontextualize and present the same works, and the works of other artists, in a “method”/”technique” format. Together with Alina Popa he created alternative art environments – complex compositions of people, concepts, sensibilities, aesthetics, processes – artworks as Artworlds (Unsorcery, The Clinic, Black Hyperbox). The Candidate is another entity that he initiated with Ion Dumitrescu based on their Postspectacle practice. Often his work expands to zones of politics, philosophy, spirituality, health care,
education, affecting their codes and protocols. His work was shown at Fap Sao Paulo, DEPO
Istanbul, Ujazdowski Castle Warsaw, Jardim Equatorial Sao Paulo, Fabrica de Pensule Cluj, MUMOK Kino Vienna, HAU Berlin, TQW Vienna, Karas Zagreb, DeSingle Antwerp, Atelier 35
Bucharest, CNDB Bucharest, MNAC Bucharest, Salonul de Proiecte Bucharest, Suprainfinit Bucharest, Bernardo Museum Lisbon, Aleppo Brussels, Akademie Solitude Stuttgart, EuropaliaBrussels, Bozar Brussels…

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