Gaspar Ribeiro’s identity

The Nha Identidade project was born during the training course of INAC – National Institute of Circus Arts. Since the beginning of the project, there was a clear intention to talk about my roots: Cape Verde, Africa. During the process, however, I was bombarded by news of hate crimes, racism and xenophobia, and I felt the need to bring a political bias at work, as a way to express a cry of protest against all forms of oppression. The intention of this work is not to assume an aggressive or hostile posture, on the contrary, it is to promote a reflection that sensitizes the public and promotes changes in attitudes in society.

Gaspar Ribeiro started in circus arts in 2013, when he participated in the Promotion of Social Inclusion for Young People project (financed by the UN in partnership with AfroReggae NGO from Rio de Janeiro), in Praia, Cape Verde. His previous experience in parkour and capoeira allowed him to develop acrobatic movements with ease. At the end of the project, in 2014, with some friends, he created a circus entertainment group from which several shows were presented in the vast majority of Cape Verde’s islands. In 2016, he was part of the Circriolo project where he participated in several workshops (vertical dance, with Paulina Almeida, object manipulation, with Dulce Duca, aerial acrobatics and balances, with Lívia Mattos, and clown, with Márcio Libar). In early 2018, he trained as a trainer in acrobatic gymnastics in Cape Verde. Then, he traveled to Portugal and joined INAC – National Institute of Circus Arts, where he started in the Hoopdiving specialty. In 2020, he presented at the Casa das Artes in Vila Nova de Famalicão the course conclusion show: Nha Identidade.

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