Twin Hunters Corporation

‘Twin Hunters Corporation’ – Work in progress title

A diagnosis for the purpose of profit: Modernity is raising us to become free individuals. Each one of us is special, each one is unique. We are privileged. We have to deal with it. Happiness is a result. If you work hard enough you can make it happen. But what if your dreams don‘t come true? What if you are constantly scratching below the glorious threshold of success?

The residency at AGITlab was conducted by the two dancers of this project, Paulina Bedkowska and Leon Stille. During a two week period they initiated and dived into the movement research process of this project proposal This allowed a productive kick-off regarding this artistic proposal.

Paulina Będkowska: concept, choreography, performance, video artist, graphic design

Paulina is a young dancer and choreographer from Poland, currently based in Portugal, where in 2020 she successfully graduated from Performact.

Leon Casper Stille: concept, choreography, performance, audio artist

Born and raised with all the protection one could imagine, starting off on a path of safety and certainty, Leon Stille finally broke out into the unknown.

Currently Leon is working on a joint creation process with the Düsseldorf Theater (GER) young Ensemble, supported through the scholarship TakeOFF – Junger Tanz, with a Premiere in June 2022.

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