Denise Stolnik is in the house!!


From 17 January to 15 February 2020 Denise is the brave artist to resist in AGITlab house in order to go deeper into the Plato´s cave.

The work-in-progress started in 2019 at the National Institute of Circus Arts (INAC) and is inspired by the literary works “Tudo Tudo Iluminado” by Jonathan Safran Foer and the “Allegory of the Cave”, by Plato . The artist seeks to make a crossover between the two works and adapt them to the creation of her narrative, using techniques and elements of contemporary circus, theater, dance and illusionism. The exploration is done in a dark place, with only a spotlight directed at a chair near a wall, generating a universe of three elements: darkness, shadow and light. The objective of the piece is to raise questions about where we place our focus of attention: do we prefer to see the artist and objects illuminated by the focus (concrete and true), the shadows (absurd and illusory) or the darkness (frightening and unknown)?


Born in Porto Alegre (Brazil), she has always been interested in arts and, since she was a little girl, museums, plays, cinema, exhibitions and all places where he found inspiration. Life as Latin American woman took her to the most “financially secure” path and graduated in Geology. When she had the opportunity, she moved to Israel, where she resided for two years and started her artistic journey, which took her to Portugal. She started her path of expression in practical terms relatively late, but the spiritual has always been expressed in thoughts and actions in life.

She believes a lot in simplicity within the complexity and in the beauty of the mixture of different arts.


Casa da Música: Violin lessons. V.N.Famalião. 2019.

National Circus Arts Institute (INAC): Technical Year. 2018-2019. V.N.F., Portugal.

Sandciel Circus School: First Year. 2017-2018. Wingate Institute, Israel.

Maria Pendurada: Regular classes in Acrobatic Fabric. 2015. Porto Alegre, Brazil.

Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS): Graduated in Geology. 2010-2016. Brazil.



“Sample”: Charivari of the Technical Year INAC. Casa das Artes by V.N.Famalicão, Portugal. June / 2019.

“Raízes”: Presentation of the INAC Technical Year. EUCIMA, Madrid, Spain. April / 2019.

Final presentation of Sandciel’s First Year. Wingate Institute, Israel. May / 2018


“Plastic Sticks” – Kirko Laboratório, 4th Edition. INAC. May / 2019

“Sombras” – Kirko Laboratório, 3rd Edition. INAC. February / 2019.

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