The house is yours

We celebrated the past 5 years of AGITlab residencies. Hundreds of artists have been invited to stay in the villa, and it has become a very familiar home to many. Then it is up to the people of Águeda to discover the Vila. We openheartedly invited to A CASA É SUA. Curation Paulina Almeida and Marieke Leene from November 7 till December 7⇾ Doors were open between 2pm and 6pm on Friday Saturday and Sunday ⇾ Location Alta Vila⇾ Free Entry⇾ With the show A CASA É SUA, we wanted to engage a participatory audience, who will take over the private space at wish from the former owner, Dona Maria, to take it as their home. For us, this is the most impressive aspect of this event, in addition to the concerted efforts required to make it happen.The works on display range from paintings to architectural projects, design, installations, sculpture, video performance, or street art. This exhibition brings artists from all over the world back home, a strong characteristic of the residence premises, and it challenges the idea of an art show as a singular event confined to specific spaces, as if art simply emerges as a crossfade encounter between everyday life and memory by the grace of small details and the discovery of their deeper meanings bringing back sense to our own lives.Artist on show: Cecilia Borettaz, Patricia Geraldes, Yuga Hatta, Ola Korbanska, Etson Caminha, Vanessa Fernandes, Pedro Maia, Mariana Sevila, Bartek Kwiatkowski, Valentina Rodrigues, Miguel Bouça, Marieke Leene, Joana Pacheco, Christopher Reitmaier, Miguel Bouça and Paulina Almeida

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