Michel Raji The Choreosopher

It was with great honor that we welcome Michel Raji, the Choreosopher of the rediscovered blow dance in the gardens of the Alta Vila Park. September 29th at 18:00 at the Park’s Greenhouse.

The Path of my life consists of a multiple exploration of dance, of my being in dance. An artistic search in which the gesture of Choreosophy, soul, body and spirit is ritualized.Michel Raji was born in Morocco and has lived in France since he was twelve years old. Their geographical displacements will gradually draw an interior cartography in which each step marks an initiatory advance towards universality. Initially, a dancer and choreographer trained in classical and contemporary techniques, in 1985 he created his own path, his own path, which he called «Coreosophy», the passage from the physical to the metaphysical.Choreosophy was born from Raji’s initiation journey in an artistic dimension. This path, rediscovered by the artist, links dance, its precise techniques explored and then transmitted, as well as the aesthetic form that emerges from it, to a universal thought of movement. A knowledge/co-birth (co-naissance) found through its own artistic process, affiliating it to a lineage of ancient wisdom. The artist does not situate his art in a contemporary way, but rather in an “untemporary” way, in the interior of time. His dance does not consist in the expressive language of an “I”, but in an inspired form that breathes in the here and now.

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