AGITlab was back for a new year full of creativity! We received the artist LEO CALVINO from Brazil, for a residency until January 29th. The APNEIA Project was paned to be presented on the 19th and 20th of November 2022, at Casa da Alta Vila. “It was just a dream” .Normality returns quickly and sanity does not remain at risk, just turn to the other side and snuggle back into the soft, fragrant conceptions themselves. “Where have I been all this time? How many layers is there in a dream? Is life just another layer? What is death, then, but an awakening?” Why ask yourself these questions? The alarm, in the morning, effectively reminds me to forget. But I don’t forget, not always. And the only way out is to repeat: “it was just a dream”.It’s never just a dream.”Leonardo Calvino brings his questions about the nature of the dream world to performative language. As a storyteller, he takes advantage of contemporary dance and illusionism (magie nouvelle) as tools to narrate a subconscious journey that unfolds like an interpersonal myth behind the curtains of ordinary life.This theme was chosen with the intention of bringing the viewers reflection on the definition we give to reality and imagination. How does memory support a conviction of reality? Why does concretism give us security while abstraction and absurdity lose value in people’s lives? All people dream, but not all remember. Each day, they travel for hours through an illogical and subconscious world through stories that we will never know the origin of, living experiences as intense as our waking experiences. There are those who think that dreams are just the result of our imagination, others who believe they are parallel planes, but what few people realize is that we do not just dream when our body goes into torpor, we are constantly dreaming, although it is less noticeable than the alias “real world”.



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