Joana Couto if only this…

If only this was about food is a work of social confession about inherent desires, focusing on its relationship with compulsion. The whole process asserts itself as a spontaneous experience that resembles the very uncontrollable side of desire. Everything is about food, eating, consuming and compromising but also about everything else not mentioned. It seeks its own induction by the public, presenting the work in the limbo between conscience and the desire for naivety.

Artistic Direction, Choreography and Interpretation: Joana CoutoOriginal music by Rodrigo Ribeiro

Communication and dissemination: Joana Couto, Rodrigo Ribeiro

Light drawing: Leonardo Calvino

Artistic assistance: Leonardo Calvino, Mariana Malojo

Joana Couto started her career with 15 years of specific teaching at Ginasiano Escola de Dança, graduating in 2017. She took intensive courses at the companies Carte Blanche and Malandain Ballet Biarritz. He continued his studies in dance and choreography for another year at ArtEZ University of Arts, Netherlands. Since 2016 she works as a dancer at Kale Companhia de Dança and in 2019 she starts working with Companhia Instável in her creation Timber by Roberto Olivan. In his career he worked with several choreographers, of which Hélder Seabra, Roberto Olivan, Christine Hassid, Gilles Baron, Elisabeth Lambeck, among others, stand out. She started as a choreographer with the creation of If only this was about food, which will have a national premiere scheduled in 2021, and Sinto Muito, which already has national and international support.

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