APNEIA by Leo Calvino


APNEIA residence of Leonardo Calvino

L e n a r d o C a l v i no bring to performative language your questions about the nature of the dream world. As a storyteller, he takes advantage of contemporary dance and illusionism (magie nouvelle) as tools to narrate a subconscious journey that unfolds like an interpersonal myth behind the curtains of ordinary life. In Apnea, two interpreters on stage portray a (or more) dream (s) where it is not possible to identify who the dreamer is. The scenography has objects such as table, armchair, mirror, pictures, among others, created especially for the purposes of illusionism.

Strange and archetypal figures appear in each and the other, guiding the boat further and further into the ocean of the unknown, or rather, of the forgotten. In the metaphor of an iceberg, awakened consciousness is represented by the fraction of ice above the surface, while the immersed part, immensely larger, denotes the consciousness hidden through water, which carries the entire base of our being. It is in this cloudy place that all our stories happen before they happen.

Apnea is a reflection-free dive. How many dreams can there be within a dream? Where is the border between the dream of one and the dream of another? Do I dream because I am alive or am I alive because I dream? What is the difference between the real and the imaginary? What is the role of memory for the construction of a notion of reality?

Leonardo Calvino choreography, interpretation and artistic direction 

Leonardo Calvino is self-taught and had a multidisciplinary path, going through martial arts, music, comic book scripts, circus, magic and is currently dedicated to dance as a research territory. He graduated from a Kobudo school, a set of traditional Japanese martial arts. He participated as an instrumentalist (transverse flute, saxophone and percussion) in Brazilian popular music groups, mainly Teko Porã. He has been practicing juggling since 2014, performing in varietés and street shows in different countries in Europe and South America. In 2018, he created the solo Meeting the Unknown (10 min) and, in 2019, the show Cegos do Castelo (45 min) ), in partnership with Juan Fresina, Maria Clara Smith and Cesar Diaz. In 2020 he started taking the FAICC, a training offered by Companhia Instável, and dedicates himself to new creations and participations for 2021.

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