CERN by Wura


By Wura Moraes

Cernunnos was the first and most ancient Celtic God. He was there from the very beginning. The beginning of Time.

The honored horned God is deeply connected to nature, to forest animals, with the deer and the serpent as his symbols.

Cerne in portuguese means “The Core”. The starting point of this project is the desire to delve deeper into the core principle of time. With the myth as the main source of inspiration for its creation process, the project explores how we may perceive time, in a sensitive way, before we conceptualize it as an intellectual object. The work explores how the dancer’s body may influence the perception of time and how it operates in deforming space and matter, while leaving traces of memory and creating echoes that will reverberate in the future. To embark on this research, the performer works with the mythological dimension of the ancient god Cernunnos, exploring the borderline of the divine entity, the animal forms that intertwine its manifestation, and the extended rhythmic movement patterns. These elements are what form the performance language. The performer wishes to transport the audience to an outherly time, playing with sound textures and silence, and questioning what makes us perceive time and believe it truly exists in our experience?

Oirana Moraes dos Santos // Wura Moraes

Luso-Brazilian dancer, born in Amarante (Portugal), Oirana lives and develops her choreographic and research work in between Africa, Latin America and Europe, combining the multiple backgrounds that make up her artistic identity.

In 2013, she graduated from Faculdade Angel Vianna in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), where she acquired a solid technical base in somatic and improvisation practices.

Her interest in broadening her references for contemporary dance led her to Africa where she participated in an international internship at Germaine Acogny’s École des Sables (Senegal,2013), and subsequently stayed one year in Burkina Faso for a professional training at École de Danse Internacional Irène Tassembedo, in dialogue with the CDC – La Termitiere – Choreographic Development Center (2014).

In 2015, Oirana then attended the Advanced Training in Interpretation and Choreographic Creation by Companhia Instável (Portugal) where she choreographed, along with with Joana Lopes, the site specific work “Alienada” and the stage piece “Agente”, which was performed at the Municipal Theater of Campo Alegre, Porto (2015), and re-staged at Armazém 22, (2017). Oirana also was a performer in the piece Cribles 7Live Porto choreographed by Emmanuelle Huynh, presented twice at the Festival Serralves em Festa in 2015 and 2019 . Since 2015, she is a member of the Saci Chorão Collective (based in Rio de Janeiro and Paris) where performance, invoking unusual imaginaries and memories, arises from the sensitive and permeable relationship between music, dance, theater and visual arts, portraited in their piece “A gravidade de um Corpo Negro/The gravity of a Black Body” written and directed by Yure Romão, in which she’s an interpreter-performer. In 2016, in Bahia, Brazil, alongside with Loke Wolf, she founded “Kasa Rockers”, (an extension of their former Kartola Rocker´s Crew) a contemporary and urban dance company, which focuses on studying, training, research and creation through audiovisual arts, having created the Autodidança network , and the Freestyle 5 Points system.

In 2019, Oirana coordinated, along with Malgosia Sus, the Dance Temple at Festival dos Canais (Aveiro) and took part in her first international artistic residency in AGITLab + AgitÁgueda in a project promoted by Alex Cotê and Mathieu Perras. The project brought together multifaceted artists from Canada and Portugal, amongst them Charles Cardin-Bourbeau, the choreographer of “A Forest – for all the lost souls”, where she took part as an interpreter in a duete within this piece.

In 2020, she co-directed along with Darya Efrat, “Suspended Islands”- a collection of site specific performances for Festival dos Canais (Portugal), and coordinated the Gabriela Tudor Foundation (Hungary) artistic residency, hosted by AgitLAB (Portugal).

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