Ariane Côté dreamscapes

The artist returns to Águeda after one year to present us one more piece, this time in a collaboration with other 3 artists. Her work is delicate blur shapes that immerse us in dreams. She was invited to complete the wall at Alta villa municipality park in a way that invite us to reflect on cosmic and underwater landscapes.

After 3 years of interventions the wall will be close by the artist that involves all works on an infinite dream landscape where all characters will float.

Ariane Côté is a 30 years old Montreal artist. She completed an art history degree at Université de Montreal and now lives entirely from her art by focusing on various media, including painting, drawing and photography. For the past five years, she has been studying with one instructor in a workshop environment, and completed an intensive summer program at the Florence Academy of Art in 2011 to learn the basics of perspective and human anatomy. Ariane describes her creations as “inspired by the palace of dreams, where anything can happen, where dreams are reflected in each piece of art to express the effects they leave in our souls after we wake up.”

Her work is driven by the unknown, the unconscious and the dreamscape and draws heavily on nature and the human body. “I want people to question their imagination and the subconscious; I want them to be confronted by the unreal–which sometimes seems more tangible than reality itself. I want people to travel with their eyes to a place where time does not exist so they can start living with the knowledge that their imagination and dreams are limitless.”

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