AGITÁGUA and the sustainability of Bamboo.

This 2020 year was marked by a pause on human existence. during this time 7 artists from Águeda, Aveiro, Europe and intercontinental stayed in residence during the quarantine. Following this time together they developed a series of pieces and concepts raised from the intense life they spend together. One of this reflexions was what to do with a great quantity of bamboo collected during a clean over the municipal garden they stayed. Other was the boat and the idea contained on it. isolation and strong connected community sense. As being residents familiarized with the local festival AGITAGUEDA and over a celebration of the actual global situation artists created together the piece AGITÁGUA.

AGITÁGUA is an aquatic stop, to and from the city, which will be carried out by the current residents of AGITlab and for the public that habitually walks and flows along the waterfront.

Within the scope of thinking about the sustainability processes in the city of Águeda and in order to respect global security measures, AGITAGUEDA, takes advantage of this interregnum year, to experiment in the laboratory, new visions about the region, aimed at a more comprehensive thought, with respect to future generations.

The challenge to the artists that stayed in residence in Águeda, was to create a response aimed at the current national security measures and the possibility for the city to continue its flow, while seeing art in motion.

The weekend of 11 July the artists flowed along the river, in an impressive intervention, which transported us to other cultures. The artists created bamboo structures, collected in the Parque da Alta Vila, after cleaning the forest located there, at the beginning of the park’s restoration works.


Design and construction: Boo-Collective (Hugo Marques, Ron van Roosmalen, Miguel Bouça)

Curation, concept, costumes and artistic direction: Paulina Almeida

Visuals and photos: Rita Andias

Bodypainting: Alicja Biala

Dancer: Wura Moraes

Flute Player: Darya Efrat

Boat suppliers: Somnium

Production Assistance: Maria Siles, Gemma Capomagi, Cris Gruber, Santeri Kekäläinen, Eleni Kalandaroglou, Marijana Asprovska, Borja Muñoz, Marta Tavares, Mari van Roosmalen and Marianne van Roosmalen, Segrio & Daniela.



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