# stay in residence.

As people around the world are adapting to life’s new reality, artists are reinventing ways to recreate the joy experienced in immersive shows despite the state of quarantine.

Some artists use live streaming from home to stay connected. This may be sufficient for some, but for others, this type of audiovisual experience is often unsatisfactory.

Time, duration, location, atmosphere, environment, crowd, temperature, volume, vision, awareness, and all other minute details are crucial to the success of the experience. In particular, many would agree that watching a performance provides us with the unrestrained emotion of emancipation and unity.
But with locals temporarily closing their doors, how can we replicate the cathartic power of living art, while practicing social detachment?

AGITlab evaluated the situation and during these past two months decided to stay in the residence, with the same group of artists, looking for inspiring, mythical and historical places in the region. We shared choices and moments that helped to overcome the emotional turbulence during this period- even if only for a short duration of time.

We played spectators and audiences. In intimate, minimal presentations and away from danger and contagions. In incredible scenarios that inspired us to continue and left us with the certainty, that this project and its results are crucial in this new era, and part of the solution to what is absolutely transforming humanity. These creative expeditions allowed not only to restore the internal harmony of the residence but also to strengthen the cohesion of the group.

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