CIRCOagitado OPEN call

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CircoAgitado Open Call 2020

CircoAgitado, a new AGITlab initiative, is excited to offer two residencies in the months of August and October, 2020, for circus practitioners to further their research and practice. Each residency will run a minimum of three weeks. 

CircoAgitado, is aimed for both experienced and emerging, national and international circus performers-artist-makers currently researching to develop and explore their work further in a new and interdisciplinary context.  It aims to provide circus artists with the time and space to focus on the creation and development of their work. 

Located in the Águeda, Portugal, AGITlab, is a laboratory of art experimentation, creator and promoter of new trends and projects.  In the form of artistic residences, AGITlab aims to transform public spaces in the city of Águeda into laboratory-type spaces for artists to explore, experiment and develop their work and critical thinking. The residencies aim to promote interaction with the specific environments in the public space to generate new work and ideas.  

Águeda is a small town of approximately 50,000 inhabitants located in the district of Aveiro, 72 km from Porto and 240 km from Lisbon. The residency will take place in the Alta Vila Park, situated in the city center, a 7-minute-walk from the train station. The Alta Vila park is the largest green zone of the city, and in its center stands the Casa Alta Vila, a two-story house where the artists will live. The selected artists will have access to work in the adjacent Tea House (with a wooden floor), and in an old industrial building previously part of the region’s wine cooperative. 

It is essential for AGITlab that each of the residents  take part in the completion of our mission: 

Engage in creative work, interaction with other residents/artists and/or work with communities.


The residency is designed for circus artists, who need an alternative and unconventional space to carry out cross-disciplinary and collaborative research which will push the boundaries of their practice.

It welcomes artists currently working on a new project idea or a project in the final stages of production.

Artists from all circus backgrounds and disciplines are encouraged to apply.

Solo projects are also welcomed.

*Please note, rigging is authorized, but no equipment will be provided, and hence artists must bring rigging equipment with them and take full responsibility over the rigging process. 

*The residency has a few small mattresses, but does not have extensive training or padding equipment.


AGITlab will provide full accommodation to the selected artists in the Alta Vila artists residence, located in the Alta Vila Park, Águeda, run by the association Improvise and Organize and annually supported by the Municipality of Águeda.

• The organizers will provide technical support and connect the artists with the local Municipality. 

• The residency includes an industrial warehouse (5 min walk from the Alta Vila accommodation with a concrete floor), a Tea House-movement studio (located in a historical building adjacent to the Alta Vila with a wooden floor) and two common spaces (in the Alta Vila). These spaces will be accessible 24/7 and keys will be provided.  

Warehouse dimensions: height: 5.3 meters, width: 15.5 meters, length: 20.8 meters (Concrete floor).

• An additional workspace in the warehouse shared with other visual artists with tools and recycled materials for building sets purposes. Workspace dimensions: Length 21 meters, Width: 9 meters , Height: 3.9,

(Max height 7.7 meters)

• The spaces are equipped with storage space and bathrooms.

• There is access to a public WiFi network but at moments it can be limited.

• Washing machine in the Alta Vila.

• The spaces are wheelchair accessible.

*Please note, the working conditions are more industrial and site-specific. 


• An informal presentation or sharing of work involving the local community in a format that suits the artists’ practice. The audience will be facilitated by AGITlab and the approach discussed with the artist. We believe that the interaction with an audience is indispensable for the research stages of creating work.

• Permission for AGITlab to film/photograph agreed parts of the residency for promotion and archival purposes on the AGITlab website and social networks. 

• Inclusion of AGITlab logos and/or AGITlab word credit on publicity (print and digital) for any future work which is developed from research undertaken during this residency.

• Take part in the marketing and sharing of their experience and workshops during this residency through various means, including social media, media interviews, photoshoots, and receptions.

• Commitment to environmental sustainability. 

AGITlab is committed to environmental sustainability, so we ask all residents to follow these steps to reduce the carbon footprint of the residence:

a) Turn off all lights and heating whenever the teams are outside their respective work or residence spaces. 

b) Turn off all sound, lighting, video and other equipment when not in use.

c) The waste produced during artistic residencies must be separated and recycled in the eco-points made available at the AGITlab facilities.

d) The use of reusable plates, cutlery and glasses (crockery, metal, and glass) present in the premises should be utilized over disposable articles.


AGITlab offers: 

• Accommodation in shared rooms.

• Coffee, tea and basic cooking ingredients.

• 500 Euro per project (for transport, production and research purposes). Funding will be provided upon receival of receipt. 


• Two residencies are currently available, one residency per month during the months of August and October, 2020. The ideal dates for the artist must be outlined in the application and upon selection, will be discussed and finalized with AGITlab. A minimum of three weeks per residency is required.

• AGITlab will put every effort to accommodate the preferred dates but this may not always be possible.

• The deadline for application is Saturday, April 4th, 2020 

• Chosen applications will be announced by the end of May 2020


• Professional experienced and emerging circus artist. 

• Priority will be given to candidates who are experimenting with cross-disciplinary and collaborative work and who need access to tools and an unconventional space to build sets. 

• Special attention will be given to participatory and community projects or projects specially designed for an urban setting.

* AGITlab will make every effort to accommodate the research requirements of artists within the parameters of our spaces. Artists will be expected to be flexible and respectful of the provided spaces and environment.


Within the application form, artists are required to provide:

• Motivation letter 

• Bios of all participants

• A short description of the proposed project (max. 2000 words).

• An outline of the objectives and goals to be obtained during the residency period.

• An outline of a workshop, session, presentation to be offered in return.

• A maximum of 2 video/photo links in connection to the project.

• Preference of residency months (with specific starting dates) in August or October, 2020.


Find and complete the application form : 

Apply by the Deadline 4th of April 2020 (00:00)

For more information, please visit: 

Or send an email to:    

* Please note:  

-Failure to comply with the provisions of this regulation implies the immediate exclusion of the resident artist.

-Entry into force

These Regulations come into force on the day of their publication on the AGITlab website:

-By submitting the application form you hereby confirm that you understand the objectives of the program of artistic residencies at AGITlab.

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