Contemporary DANCE/CIRCUS program with Darya Efrat


15-30 October

1-15 December


Tired Out is a visual, theatrical and physical piece which depicts a dialogue between a tire and a woman and explores tendencies of behavioral repetitiveness intrinsic to our human existence. The project’s focus on the notion of repetitiveness – the process of replicating both personal and global patterns – becomes significant considering the notable recent (re)rise in hate crimes towards minorities, ethnic groups and refugees, and the considerable (re)rise of nationalism across the world.

The residency:

The residency will focus on the collection, development, re-working and piecing together of physical material gathered and researched by Darya Efrat over the past year and will culminate with a final public presentation. It will take place during the months of October- December, 2019.

Tired Out is designed to ultimately be a 40-minute street performance and thus being able to test it on unknown audiences from different backgrounds is essential to its development.
It is planned as a participatory-street-performance and hence the local community will be able to get involved during its presentation.


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