MOVE intensive

MOVE is here to provide professional movers, in particular dancers, the chance to develop their upside down and performative skills. There will be a variety of teachers with different backgrounds to help you explore your unique capacity to move and perform.​

1st Week (19th-24th August)

This is an intensive week with 6 days of powering through. You will get the chance to have some Tai Chi to get ready for the day, which encompasses Contemporary Dance, Microbatics and Zen Acrobatics !

Worried that you will be too tired to face the week? Don’t! You can book a Reiki Treatment as part of the intensive which will help you relax among other things!

2nd Week (26th August- 1st September)

The idea of the second week is to give a chance for the participants to apply what they have learnt in the two weeks into a choreographic project! You will still receive amazing training and learn many valuable skills but on top of that, you get to develop your individual practice in a more active way, allowing you to show your creativity and retain the information acquired more easily.


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