JAB Jelsa Art Bienal International collaboration


JAB is the Jelsa Art Bienal, happening each 2 years in Hvar Island, Croatia.

Is a culmination of a year ongoing international residences program, mixed with the invitations and open calls to international art community.

It combines contemporary, experimental, participatory art works, based on artists reflection about territory and specific socio-cultural local themes from the region of Jelsa.

JAB focuses on emergent and consolidated artists both local and international, in a mix media that crosses a panoply of art fields and audiences, as dance, performance, design, sound and architecture video and installation.

The program is made of a pre-set show circuit, site-specific performances and installations in a parallel events map that show the region and acts with the tourism board in the scope of sustainable tourism and practices envisioned for Hvar Island.

Being based on artist residences work, JAB will be extended overseas, by international cooperations with residence programs, artists and other cities.

After a visit from the Agueda city hall delegation last year started the collaboration that envisions the circulation of Águeda youngsters throughout European art networks as part of AGITlab residences international program.

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