UNTIL JAZZ Residence on the plasticity of body, electronics, jazz, and drawing


From 27 April to 4th May was the residence UNTIL JAZZ.  developed within the residences AGITlab, based on the identity and culture of electronics, jazz, movement and experimental illustration. The name derives from the Portuguese expression,ATÉ JÁ, that means “see you soon”.

The soul of the project was developed from the sound, physical and visual plasticity of  the artists.

Starting from an approach to the pictorial, sonorous and physical contours of the works of the artists, developed an exploration of their works, accompanied by means such as sound, and the study of the transfiguration of the image.

Through the composition of real-time images, the live body of performers, and through the sounds of jazz, captured and transformed, a subtle and complex experience was projected that  provided a strong sensorial impact for the visitors of the event.

The unique combination of the soundscapes, raised in the context of residence, the plasticity of the bodies, the theorizing of their experiences and their personal beliefs, and the anamorphosis of all, will rise to an original piece, presented at the INCA art incubator in Águeda.


Valentina Rodrigues (VAL) is a young artist, emerging from Águeda. Currently in the process of applying for the Royal College in London, she is at MICROlab and open studio of AGITlab residence since February and will continue until June.
With a well-established pictorial work for her age, VAL is a full-time painter. She lives in the world of images with supreme sensitivity, impressing with his manifested talent.

*all drawings and paintings presented in this project are made by VAL.

Julius Gabriel, born in Berlin, is a saxophone player, composer and improviser. He is developing solo music for soprano, tenor and baritone saxophone as well as for electric saxophone. Besides numerous collaborations he is a founding member of groups such as About Angels and Animals, Blutiger Jupiter, Das Behälter, Ikizukuri and Paisiel. He is part of the Blue Shroud Band from Barry Guy and plays as well under his directions with the London Jazz Composers Orchestra.

Tin Dožić (1989) completed his studies in psychology at the croatian studies of the university of zagreb and new media at the academy of fine arts in zagreb. in his artistic practice, he takes the sound medium as a starting point and his fields of activity include multimedia, field recordings, radio, experimental music, and installations. his work is based on the media research through the practice of developing his own electronic instruments, appropriation of outdated technologies and recycling. current topics of interest are media archaeology and diy culture.

Paulina Almeida works as director, curator, instructor and art performer in public space since 1997, in Europe, America, Asia and Africa. Her artistic work is mix media (social sculpture, dance, music, performance, circus, poetry, theater and installation) focuses on the specific social and political site and is based on the concepts of “useful” and participatory art. She investigates on the educational character of art in public space. Studied at ACE Academy for Contemporary Performance specialization for street art, in Porto European Capital of Culture. Has MA in Educational Sciences, by the Faculty of Psychology And Educational Sciences of the University of Porto. She currently works as artistic director, consultant, programmer and curator for the municipal councils of Porto, Águeda and Aveiro, in Portugal, and directs street art projects nationally and internationally.

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