From 4-16 February Rina Marques and Sara Ferreira were present at MICROlab. They develop their work and give a dance-photo workshop for the local and international community. 


They are creating a performance of dance-theater, which will merge a performative art – dance-theater – and a plastic art – photography. These universes coexist thanks to the concept they have in common, which supports and gives meaning. It is intended to gather the tools of each team member to create something communicative, adaptable and specific to the elected public space of the Pancas Palha Palace.

In dramaturgical terms, it is important to create a clear structure that allows the viewer to travel and perceive the three universes that are intended to create: the unconscious, the subconscious and reality. The narrative should be plausible, with a real character that oscillates between the three domains and is allowed to physically defile themselves by them.

TOTEM is an interdisciplinary project that mixes dance-theater and photography. It is a journey into the recesses of the mind: the perceptible, the inaccessible, the non-apparent. The real, the subconscious, the unconscious.

From an ordinary everyday action – like a breakfast in the garden – the spectator is invited to travel through three distinct universes of character consciousness. Through the sensations, memories, traumas, dreams and nightmares an atmosphere is born in a fictional reality immortalized in photographs.

The past, the present and the future are mixed up and the perception of the real becomes compromised; is photography the only reliable record of reality or is it also a mirror of a dream?

Catarina “Rina” Marques (09/09/1994) is a dancer and Mozelos native, Santa Maria da Feira.

Her interest in dance is born as a child in school sports, and in 2006 he joined the All About Dance Academy, based in Santa Maria da Feira, where he has classes in Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary and Ballet. In 2013 he joined the company All About Dance, under the artistic direction of Vitor Fontes, where he participated in “Urbam” (Festival Imaginarius 2014) and “Tuki” (Festival Imaginarius 2015).

In 2017 it concludes its degree in dance by School of Dance (Lisbon Portugal) and the Institut del Teatre (Barcelona, ​​Spain). He presents his first solo, “Clarabóia”, at the TuDanzas 2017 Festival in Barcelona and the duet “Querencia” (in work-in-progress format – co-creation and interpretation by Catarina Marques and Catarina Campos) in November 2017, at the Cineteatro António Lamoso at the “Loop” Urban Dance Festival. In 2018 he creates “HANNO” with Rui Paixão, premiered at the Imaginarius Festival 2018.

Sara Ferreira is 24 years old and was born in São Paio de Oleiros, on November 14, 1994. She lived her whole life in a small village of Espinho surrounded by forest and near the beach and the sea her. favorite landscape.

During her childhood and adolescence she always felt a creative person, but never pursued anything related to the arts, because she did not know in what area to fit. In between she practiced swimming (although she never liked it) and fencing for 9 years – a sport that she always keep with affection, so much that one day she wanted to be a professional athlete.

That day never came, but Sara had the opportunity to train kids during her college years. At age 17, entered the Faculty of Arts of the University of Porto, where she studied Communication Sciences: Journalism, Advisory and Multimedia. The course told her little or nothing, but she still concluded it with the certainty that she would not settle for the area she chose when I knew nothing about life. She was a journalist, but swore to herself that she would never work in a newspaper. It was then in 2016 that she decided to join the Portuguese Institute of Photography to pursue an interest that arose when she was 18 years old. Today, with the professional photography course completed, she is a freelance photographer and there are few things that make her so happy as to create.

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