Ismael is a visual artist from Finland. He was in residence in Alta Vila as part of the MIWO (Me inside we outside) on going project till August 2019.

The idea was to learn about lettering and how to create a piece. We made alphabets first that everybody gets to know the letters and later it makes it easier to choose a word or a name that will be painted in the end. Also everybody keeps these alphabets to practice latter. After choosing the name started to make sketches for the painting. Ismael showed different styles and techniques so the people tried and choose the style they prefer.

Before we started painting the pieces we tried just simple lines to get a feeling for the spry can. We tried some techniques that can be used for the pieces. We learned what caps to use, how to correct lines, etc. The idea was that everybody would have their own board to paint and when it’s done we could put them side by side so it would be like a mural kind of and we could make a background together with a theme that we agree together. It was also good for people to see that graffiti is a cool form of art and it’s not all just about vandalism.

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