The YALLA YALLA TOUR was an insane voyage from AGUEDA into the desert of SAHARA.
It happen from 28 OCTOBER to 12 NOVEMBER, by airplane, boat and caravan.
It was an intensive trip from Europe to the Sahara, giving rise to an original creation, by the integration of groups of local artists in and for a particular place in the public space. During an artistic residence at the Music conservatory and cultural center of Laayoune.

It was the start point for a bigger project in development for promoting educational networks evolving partners on the street arts field.

This project gives place to a representation that will be welcomed by a desert festival and involving partners throughout the way.

It was a collaboration and invitation from the FESTIVAL DES ARTS DE RUE DE LAAYOUNE.

SAND rootsA transtime performance was the result from the residence.

Sand was an inside perspective and view on the Sahara culture. From its roots to the contemporary life.
What memories speak out on the mouth of the new generations? What are their aspirations and how do they experience this past and recent story?

How could we inverse story and open the hidden tabus of a actual social political transformations that affects the identity of a people.

Does it really matter anymore? Where we belong? where we go? who we are? How do youngsters transform their daily reality and create a new story?


Laayoune-Beni Metal-Agueda




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