AGITme was a weekend of presentations focused on the exploration of the body, in its various aspects. Composed of an eclectic international program, were performers are challenged to intervene in spaces at Águeda city, defying their usual practices, by the interference of the unique urban lines that define the city.

The selection of artists was made for their versatility and artistic complexity, as well as their ability to adapt to the urban space. Thus each skewer was unique, composed especially for the city of Águeda, allowing the public to get in touch with original and specific pieces of the city.

Seven bodypainters from Sweden, Lithuania, Italy, Austria and Germany created an original bodypainting piece over the bodies of 7 dancers, on July 6 and 7, 2018.

They painted live on the colorful streets of Agueda against the background of the panels created by 7 Portuguese graffiters, who were in artistic residence at AGItlab, Alta Vila Park, between 25-29 July.

The final result was 7 panels that will serve as scenery for the colorful bodypainting artists over 7 dancers bodies and end up in a presentation directed by Malgosia Sus. This international, eclectic fusion, of 21 artists will be presented to the public on 6-7 July, within the framework of the Agitágueda Festival.

The selection of the artists was made over 2 Open calls (Dancers and Graffiti)

Artistic direction 

Vilija Vitkute

Maria Godinho

Malgosia Sús

Project creation and curation

Paulina Almeida

All artist names:
1. Artist- Body-painter/ curator/direct for Bodypaint project – Vilija Vitkute (Sweden/Lithuania)
Bodypainters and artist:
2. Johannes Stoetter (Italy/ South Tyrol)
3. Rotem Lots- Zaiden (Israel)
4. Sarah Pixner ( Italy/ Switzerland)
5. Christiane Rempel (Germany Munich)
6. Elisa Hochrainer (Italy/ South Tyrol)
7. Sabbi Solderer (Austria)
Photos and painting Vilija Vitkute


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