We want walls give us walls

In the summer 2016 ALICJA BIAŁA, an illustrator, graphic designer, visual artist. Graduated from Via University College and The Copenhagen School of Design and Technology in Denmark. Travelled to document AGITlab and make a wall in Agueda.

The black figures became a landmark from the city. They were made with the help of the artist Yuga Hatta from Japan and a few of local former painters that shown Biala how the work must be done.

For some days, between several wine glasses and piglet sandwich, they manage to bring to life a group of figures dresses in black. The mural contrasted with the colorful umbrella sky installation and the bench that’s located right in front.

It was a graceful collaboration between the artists and the people. Biala told us each day a new story how the local guys would bring her new brushes and the lady from the restaurant incentive her work with just one more beer. Now the wall keeps silent secrets  from the tasca and the street they guard in silent living regards.

Biala illustrations are regularly published, among others in Denmark, Poland, Germany, China and Australia. She is also an author of murals which are placed in Poland, Portugal, Mexico, USA – her latest work was created a few months ago in Kassel, Germany for the 14th edition of the contemporary art exhibition Documenta. Her work has been awarded and exhibited internationally, as well as featured in numerous publications.

The choice of the poems by Marcin Świetlicki Poland (a set of patriotic songs) is the first book with her works.

Currently studying at The Royal College of Art in London.

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