Street art is over

AGIT lab came on a sequence of an investigation about street art. The result was a master degree report where Paulina Almeida stated for the first time:


But maybe it is not.

She was invited to represent Portuguese contemporary street art creation, with her work development in Agueda city. It was the Fresh Street meeting 2017 in Imaginarius festival, Santa Maria da Feira.

After 2 years writing about the development of street arts in Portugal, she concluded that the use of street arts by cultural agents and the dignified way they were brought on light in May 68 in France, was somehow distorted.

She propose to Agueda Municipality a actual active solution for this instrumentalized use. AGITlab became a place for experiments. An open laboratory for agitated minds.

The municipality align with it and supported a full program of residences, creations en experiments. A big risk that they embraced. The caos was generated. And the result were the visit from more that 150 artist from all over the world. They come and checked by them selfs what was going on. They liked and enjoyed experimenting with other artists from April to July was a endless summer of pure human traffic.

In March Improvise and Organize a cultural association was created with the support of Agueda city hall. Their suggestion was creating a structure that could hold the institucional contracts with the city. As synchronized collaborations increased, the junction of Francesco Cerutti, Hugo Branco and Paulina Almeida, projects and efforts, brought the platform to life.

2017 was indeed an intense year for the new born organization. The main projects brought together were, Obidos Buskers Festival, Vic art house and AGITlab.

The same year a hand full of projects and collaborations where hold by the association. The head quarters is in Aveiro, the creative center is in Agueda. Improvise and Organize members are active both in the alternative and institucional  scene in Portugal and abroad. The temporary artistic laboratories organized by IO, AGITlab, VIC art house and Buskers Festival have been hubs inspiring their artistic collaboration.

The associated members share a curiosity for overstepping the boundaries of traditional performing arts and ongoing research in fields such as dance, electronic music practices, instant composition, intermediality, circus or performance. Their main focus is the relationship with the audience, placed mainly in nonconventional spaces, both indoors and in public space.

Digging Tunnels video




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