Memorāre was the second collective creation out of the residence of one week at Parque da Alta Vila and CAA the Art Center of Agueda, on 11 and 12th May 2018. It was a performance created from the archetypal and self-ethnographic memories of the city of Águeda. It crossed vertical dance techniques, with visual and physical theater, video, electronic music, text and performance.

Created to remember the year of existence of the CAA, instead of the old ceramic factory.
The notes of this memory exercise are punctuated with performance and video images, created by some of the artists, who between May 2017-18 chose Águeda to create.
The artists involved in this unique creation, were part of the ensemble of the residency program of May this year, in the Park of Alta Vila.
The performance was also influenced by Arts Center program, including the Madame Butterfly opera and the Less is More exhibition, and the film Melodias de Django, which was shown at the CAA auditorium.

Video: Vanessa Fernandes

Musica: F O Q U E
Performance: Bruna Martins, Micaela Maia, Malgosia Sús, Paulina Almeida, Ana Sales, Diego Lucas, Beatriz Madeira

Cozinha: Zélia Coutinho
Technical  direction :
Luc Fabry e João Magalhães
Fotografia: Marilyn Marques
Produção: Improvise/Organize e AGITlab

Artistic Direction: Paulina Almeida

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