The two residents brought in the house Luís Leitão and João Rapozo were part of AGITlab from 1 May to 15th June 2018.


A musician from the Gondomar band from Baixo Soldado, released “Foque”, a solo project that unites the musician’s and producer’s strands. he was in residence to create a new album in AGITlab and end up to join Memorae the last performance lab.

The need to “not depend on anyone” led the musician Luis Leitão to launch a solo career. The project entitled “Foque” joins the strands of musician and composer in the same musical work and arises, according to the musician from Gondomar, “the need to focus everything on one thing”.


Videoplastik is an audiovisual performance that combines the mix of a low-tech and high-tech setup with objects for live creation of images in real time.

As an individual performance was presented at the Boom Festival 2008 (Idanha-a-Nova) – 08/2008, in Praça do Rossio (Aveiro) – 09/200, at the Festival Subscuta (Barcelos) – 09/2007 and at the Associação Cultural Mercado Negro Aveiro) – 07/2007

It is a project in constant mutation applied and adapted to various situations of live video creation for live concerts, dance and theater shows.
It was part of shows where the video had a strong compliant with artists such as Company Olga Roriz, Company of Theater Music, Henrique Portovedo, John Klima, Till Sunday Pirate, Imidiwan, Shaggy, Felix tha Hosecat, DJ Patife, among others.

It was intended with this artistic residence to obtain the necessary conditions to technically and artistically develop this project and adapt it to various situations of partnership and close collaboration with other visual and sound artists of Agitlab.


João Rapozo work at Alta Vila.





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